8 zásad pro úspěšnou propagaci mobilní aplikace

Promoting Your App - February 4, 2019 | by Mwenge Ngona - Andromo blog
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Way before you even begin to build your app, you must prepare a promotion strategy – that’s if you want to succeed in this business and get good installs. 
A lot of the most popular apps are not well designed, and, sometimes, they don’t even have a logical storyline. Two good examples are Snake & Angry Birds. What’s their secret? The promotion strategy. It’s very easy to figure out how to promote your app when you know exactly who it’s meant for.
Here are 8 tips to effectively promote your app:
1. Get in Touch With Your Customers & Prospects.
2. Reach out to Influencers
3. Get Featured on a Mobile App Review Site
4. Social Media Network
5. Promotional Video
6. App Store Optimization (ASO)
7. Android App Directory Sites
8. In-App Reviews
There are obviously more ways to promote your app but they are usually variations of these basic eight methods. If there’s any other important promotion method that you feel needs to be included in this article, please let me know in the comment section below.