10 most useless apps and games for Android

Deset aplikací zcela bez užitku ( nepočítáme-li zábavnost funkcí )10 most useless apps and games for Android! (Updated 2019)
(April 22, 2019 kolektiv autorů )
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The most Useless App Ever
Aplikace je ke stažení na Google Play.
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"This app is so delightfully useless that it made me laugh out loud. Even the creator's attempt at a properly capitalized title is useless. Okay, so let's dig into the details. The Play Store listing appears to have no icon image and no screenshot. The app has no buttons, no controls, and does literally nothing. Sounds good so far, right? Here's the kicker. The app auto-kills itself upon launch. This fulfills all of the qualifications on this list and then some. I loved the added bonus that the icon and screenshots the creator uploaded were just solid white images, giving the appearance of nothing. Classic. This might be my favorite app ever. This is the best useless app we could find."